How IV Therapy and Vitamin C Can Help In The Battle Against COVID-19

The #1 question we are asked is whether or not we take insurance and, if not, “Why not?” We explain that YOUR insurance carrier decides who is covered and what is reimbursable, not us. We also give them the bad news that if they lived in a civilized society or a state such as Oregon or Connecticut or others…that the exact same thing we are doing for them WOULD be reimbursable, even mandated by law to be reimbursable in SOME states.

When Should You Take Vitamin IV Drips?

If you’ve ever heard about vitamin IV drips before, you know there’s plenty of positives. In fact, it’s been mentioned before how they can improve your sex life, help you to be more productive, and provide you with other important health benefits. What you might not have heard is that there are actually specific times to try nutrient IV therapy to help you live a more energetic life.