No worries … We’ve got you covered.

As an integrative interventional cardiologist focused on preventative medicine and treatment of the complete body system, our expertise is rare. It is not uncommon for clients to seek our services from hundreds of miles away. Completing our wellness programs from afar is easy to be done; usually clients will come to visit our wellness center in person or schedule a video consultation. If you choose to come see us, we are thrilled to have you.

Our passion is to save and change as many lives as possible. We are on an optimal wellness revolution. Distance will not interfere with your results and your ability to obtain true vitality.

Ways to coordinate your visit:

1) Travel Concierge

Submit a request to our travel planners to coordinate your entire trip. They will handle your flight, airport transport, hotel accommodations and more.

2) Check out the links below to assist you in planning your trip.

Hotel Accommodations




Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian Friendly


Michael John’s Restaurant

French, American, Gluten Free Options




Golf Courses

Remember – We love to see you in person, but we do have the capability to conduct video consultations from afar. Tell us how we can serve you!